Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

September 9, 2022

September 9, 2022 is the beginning of an end. It is a gateway. The date contains a triple 2 and a triple 9. When you add the 9 from the day and the 9 from the month that equals 18 and 1+8=9. This is a multidimensional pyramid, the most harmonious number of amplification and unity.

The old 3D way is moving away. You are picking up whatever needs to be saved and taking it into the new multidimensional life of Gaia and humanity where it will be brought to life and stored in the right places.

Gaia is breathing now. With each breath she is breaking the crust on the Earth’s surface. Breaking the old space that was holding her in matter and energetic patterns. Through this crack she is revealing her new self and she is shining from within. She is gaining full power and releasing energetic blocks and networks that were holding her like a net in the old position and limiting her.

What you are stepping into is recognizing this multidimensionality of who you are, what is around you and what Gaia is offering you to be in, live in and become a part of.

Soon your movement will be different. You will not have to spend a lot of time, energy and effort to move in the Flow. You will only have to make small adjustments to keep yourselves in the main Flow of change and in the main Flow when you increase your sequences. When you move in this way, you will be included in this humongous change of Flows for everything that is around you. You must remember to keep your vibrations high and keep your intention streamlined with the main Flow.

A very serious process is happening in the very center of Gaia. It feels like this alignment, this gateway that you are stepping into will be the alignment of Gaia with our sun and the central sun. This will be a frequency, positional and energetic alignment. Gaia is tuning herself up to the new vibration and new energetic fields that are coming from the central sun, through our sun to her.

This is the main purpose of this gateway of 9. It is the change from the very center, from the very nucleus of the planet spreading from within to without. Everything that is alive on Gaia will benefit from these new energies as Gaia will be transmitting to life on Earth.

Hugs and love to all of you,