Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

September 11, 2020

September 11, 2020 is 9+11=20 and 2020 equals triple two and triple zero which represents the simultaneous balance of Duality and Multidimensionality. Two represents Duality and Zero is the Multidimensional Reflection. It’s like a round mirror reflecting your multidimensionality from the two. This is about the choices you are making through self-reflection and self-observation.

Sometimes you are going so fast that you don't recognize yourself. Look from the outside in, observe and register your growth. You can do this at the same time that you are making your choices. These choices are now being made in Source/Creator/God's flow.

You are actually leaping or jumping over unnecessary holes that you would otherwise have dropped into in the past. This new acceleration and energy are carrying us above these holes onto the next step. It’s happening so naturally, so effortlessly that as a result, you don't recognize it. It’s all about realization.

Whatever is happening to you now is happening to all of humanity. As soon as it is brought into your consciousness, then it becomes available for the others. Register and observe your growth and success. Since we are All One Consciousness, the Quantum Light Field reflects this automatically.

In the past, you talked about building bridges over the holes or gaps and the bridge was a 3D image. Now you are talking only about the Flow, you do not have to build bridges anymore because you are in Flow. The Flow is taking us to the next designation. It’s built on your trust, your intention, your momentum, your acceleration and your energy.

It is like a stream flowing. In the spring, as the water comes into the dry river or creek bed, the water knows there is already a way laid out for it. For you, it’s a feeling of filling in something that has already been planned for you and now you are bringing it into motion, and reality as joyfully as the first spring waters.

Hugs and Love to All,