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Releasing Karma

We are getting to the very last step of releasing karma for the whole of humanity. We may experience some sporadic releases of karmic lessons that have not been finished by us and everyone will feel it differently. It will be soft enough for us so don't worry. Live through, accept, bring your best and pass through this because we all have enough positive karma and we are creating life right now by releasing the very last grey zones in our light bodies.

By the end of October our light bodies will be clean, pure, sparkling, filled in with light and all the potential essence of karma and karmic lessons will go away. After that we will shine with pure light and there will be tremendous changes around us as well as inside of us. That is how this shift into the quantum world, into the quantum Gaia and the quantum life of humanity will happen.

It might feel uncomfortable, or it might feel like a step back but it isn't. What is happening right now is the speeding up of karma release. That is why it may feel uncomfortable. This is not a step back it is a step forward. After this we will have a new experience and we will start learning how to live in our light space while we are here in 3D.

Hugs and love to all of you,