Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!


Hello Soul Family!

Many people ask me how to release the physical body. It is very easy.

Start by remembering all the things and people in your life that gave you the most pleasure. Think of these things over and over every day until this becomes your reality.

If you wish you can set a mental date as to when you want to leave the body. The Sufi Masters like my father do this. My Mom is planning this for herself. You can set a day and just see yourself lying down in a bed and going on your journey. Remember to call on me when you are ready to cross I will walk with you to the Light.

On your way you will see the people in your life that meant the most to you lovingly waiting for you. You will be in a completely vibrant healthy Light body as you meet them. If you wish to return to Earth at a future time go to your loved ones.

If you wish to return to Creator/Source from where we all came follow the Great Light and you will be absorbed into it as we all once were and continue to be through the Light Body. I will take you on a safe, peaceful, beautiful and loving journey to a very beautiful place as your heart desires.

This is Cat, Gma said I could share this story with you. My oldest stepson was getting married three years ago. We were all excited to go to an Egyptian wedding! Two hours before we were supposed to leave, Gma said, “I can’t go.” So Gma and I stayed behind. From 5PM through 9PM, Gma continuously drummed and sang at the top of her lungs. The next day we got a phone call from one of our friends who said her mom passed last evening. She said that the last thing her mother said was, “Look Chandra is here for me.” That is why Gma couldn’t go to the wedding, she had to escort this woman out of the body and into the Light.

I love you all,