Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Release the Old

Grandma Tree

Now is the time to release all the old fear, suffering, disgust, despair, anger, and victimization to prepare for the high frequencies of the Summer Solstice which will bring a new start for you. Forgive, let go, send blessings, allowing everything to dissolve, and melt into the Light of Love. Find the best way to release and clear your energetic space. Allow all people who are no longer needed in your life to leave with peace, compassion, and blessings.

Complete all unfinished business. Energetically combine similar tasks or life lessons together into a bigger package and release them as a whole, instead of individually. This will create more space in your energetic and Auric field for new wonders to be identified and welcomed like new energies, tasks, and levels of multidimensionality. Prepare yourself for the new energies, initiatives and activities supported by the New Frequencies of the Solstice as you move forward.

Use cleansing procedures you are familiar with such as meditation, energetic disconnection with all old contracts, cords etc, Qi Gong, Pangu Shengong, Reiki, or any practice you choose.

Everything that you do for yourselves, you will mirror for all of humanity. Help everyone who is open to being supported. Everything you are releasing inside will be combined with everything that is released everywhere. This creates a huge space to be filled with White Light and new energies. It will be the most powerful Solstice you have ever experienced. The frequencies coming in are the start of a new 18-year cycle.

Use my Magic Cube to help you with this task, to provide guidance and assistance to empty the space inside of you that is filled with old energies. The Cube will help to make the process smoother, with less resistance, without interfering with any other processes that are going on in your 3D life, by employing the most efficient Energetic Path. Utilizing the Magic Cube will place you on the optimal path. If you don’t have a Magic Cube you can get the Cube frequencies that you need for the cleansing process from the 5D New Earth Grid. The Magic Cube holders will be charging the nodes of the grid, so these frequencies are available for all to access.

Hugs and Love to all of you