Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Reclaiming Yourself

There is a spiral that is bringing you together into who you are according to God’s plan of creation for your Original Blueprint.

It is about bringing you, your parts, your particles and your energy back into your multidimensional space. Combine, claim, and collect yourself as was planned by God. You threw away a lot of yourselves in the past, giving parts of your heart and energy to other people. You were losing parts of your energetic body along the way on the Path. Now it is time to claim everything back according to what you are as a child of God, according to the Original Blueprint of your soul. It is time to be you, not just a part of you but to be the whole of who you are which is the unity of yourselves and the unity of God inside of yourselves.

These particles of yourselves will be connecting to each other similar to fish scales where one piece is positioned above the other. Each scale is separate and together they are one in function. The same will be happening to you. You will be bringing the pieces of yourselves back into your energetic quantum field. They will exist individually in your energetic field, but they will be functioning using the same principle as a wave or a signal task or as an intention task and they will be grouped according to the task.

The same way as light is reflected differently on the fish skin, the work that you will be doing will put your energetic particles, your energetic pieces at different angles to the energy according to the task that you are doing. This is where multidimensionality comes into play. Your particles will be rotating in space at different angles according to the type of work you are required to do. It will be a multidimensional reflection because all of the energetic particles will be able to cover the necessary spectrum to connect with the multidimensional part of the universe that you will be working with.

Hugs and love to all of you,