Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Projection Tool

When you realize your potential and start using your tools, you can create through self-projection, manifesting the next step of your existence. Bring all the necessary energies together to accomplish what you desire through the images you project.

What is actually happening? You are sending this image in front of you through your intention and its energy is attracting all the forces, energies and entities in a supportive group that will be working with you.

This is a very powerful tool of creation. You are familiar with visualization, and affirmations etc. Now you are bringing it all together to make your life better as well as the lives of all humanity and Gaia by mastering this tool.

Put all your intentions into the flow with God/Creator/Source's plan for you individually as a being/soul with humanity as a group and Gaia as a system. Selfish desires will no longer be supported. Everything that is going with the flow, by this projection tool will be totally supported and implemented in the 3D world.

All your DNA will participate because it is not just the work of your will power. You will manifest what you want to create through the electromagnetic field of your DNA, through every cell of your body.

Combine your efforts by working as a group through your electromagnetic fields of DNA. This will amplify your results. Call on the entities, beings and energies with whom you are working to participate and to implement this projection at the earliest stages.

Remember, this calling mechanism is very powerful. You often forget about that depriving yourselves of additional help and support. Never, ever be afraid of calling for help. If you know the names and images of your supporters, angels, master or whoever is working with you, call on them for help and invite them into your creative process.

For so long, you have been dreaming about the ability to be co-creative together and now it is finally happening. You can witness, participate and bring the results of this activity and co-creation into your 3D world.

Hugs and love to all of you,