Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Present In Multidimensionality

Viewed from the perspective of multidimensionality, your life is like an hourglass with the sand at the very bottom. Your 3D activity and 3D life are just very tiny grains of sands in all the spaces where you are present in multidimensionality.

Ninety nine percent of humanity’s focus is on the small grains of sand at the bottom. With what is happening right now to Gaia and to other planets, you will have to get more detached from your 3D world and start expanding into the space that is around you. Now that you know that multidimensionality is here, you can recognize it more and more because by acknowledging that something exists, you can actually bring it into your life. Balance the energies and move forward transitioning into this new existence, this new realm. Without accepting this existence, there is no where to go. When you accept and recognize the presence of multidimensionality, you open the Lion's Gate, you step up, and go forward. In reality, you will be opening the doors one by one. They don't necessarily have to go straight forward or in one direction because you are talking about multidimensionality. By opening one door in reality, you are opening a multiple variety of doors that will be available to you.

Get out of the locked circle that you were living for so long which kept you on a flat plain moving forward. Now you are able to go up and forward. You can change the circle to a spiral because you are adding additional dimensions. You are moving from circle to circle on a different level and different height. This spiral is traveling as a multidimensional fractal in all possible directions.

You have taken the steps. You are already above the playing field. You have passed the understanding that there is only one spiral. But you still don’t comprehend that the spirals are going everywhere. They are multidimensional. This is what you are learning and experiencing. The next step is to see multidimensionality in every event, matter, person and being as a piece of the multidimensional puzzle.

While you are in the time of the Lion's Gate, your 2nd chakra denoting creativity will be empowered. This chakra has been suppressed and kept only in 3D. You have not been able to use it for your expansion and for your multidimensional self realization. You will start seeing more of yourselves out there rather then just seeing yourselves within. This 2nd chakra is a powerful tool that will help you to expand and extend your awareness and at the same time bringing your awareness to you in the most understandable form or shape so that your consciousness through different images and experiences can note, recognize and store them for your further growth.

Hugs and love to all of you,