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Prepare for 2022

You are finishing the year of 2021. You are stepping into the year of 2022, leaving behind everything that does not match the new energies. This month of December will be a very quick and harsh release of everything old so that those who are ready to move forward will be prepared for 2022.

All the layers of the energetic field have to be cleared along with Gaia’s. All mental, emotional layers as well as the etheric bodies have to be cleared. All layers of relationships have to be cleared. All layers of communication between people and other entities, kingdoms and elementals have to be cleared. Prepare a clean and purest slate for the new vibrations to impregnate us. Remove all obstacles and hard particles that could reflect the old energies back or resurrect the old energies. You are creating a sacred vacuum in your field so that you can be filled with the new energies of multidimensionality and life in multidimensionality with Gaia.

This space will not be empty but filled with the new positive energies that will be attracting more of God/Source energies. It will be free of the negative energies, particles and hard memories that you have been carrying for so long in your energetic field. Gaia was carrying it with you and for you. December is one of the main cleansing periods that we are going through with intention to be ready for a new positive, multidimensional energy.

I do not normally promote my tools in my messages however because of this important time period of clearing I have created the video Release All That No Longer Serves You to facilitate your progress in preparation for 2022.

Hugs and love to all of you,