Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Personalize Downloads

The downloads that are coming in now have laser precision. Everyone who is open is receiving the information individually. You are at the final point of the laser beam receiving this information and applying it with maximum results.

The moment that the information touches your field it expands internally spreading throughout all of your Light bodies. Every fiber of your energetic field receives it.

Everyone who is ready to start working now will receive direct and personalized downloads that will help each individual soul progress faster with accurate results by bringing in the new energies while living in the 3D world preventing the loss of these energies.

Watch for Enlightment, an A-ha moment. Write it down or relax and absorb it through a picture, words or feelings. Register it in the 3D world because this will help you to unfold it further.

Trust yourself and go where this Enlightment leads you. Look for people who are working in the same areas or are interested in the same direction. Start forming working groups, Enlightment groups, and exchanges. Develop mutual goals or tasks in which you can participate together to achieve a certain project or goal.

The best way to work together will be to communicate on a regular spontaneous basis. Create a platform where people can contact each other with new information to share. Inject new energy, new ideas in already created fields for a particular project or design. Everyone adds to the project as it is going through the new Enlightment, the new Vision or new Comprehension.

Determine the best form of communication and the best way to go forward as a group. How can you add more information to this project? Both traditional and new ways are acceptable.

The energy of this project is self supported because it's backed by Universal Force. In order to bring it into the 3D, to develop it into the product that can reveal itself in the 3D, you need to be ready and open to agree to do this activity. Otherwise there will be no anchoring, no presence in the 3D without conscious agreement to bring this energy, idea or project through.

Hugs and love to all,