Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Personal Responsibility

You can create the space around you and energize this space with higher energies and frequencies that you want to be in, live in and also invite others through this higher energy attraction to be with you, to work together, do things together and be together.

Those working on this are sending radiating energy of the highest vibration that is covering the whole surface of Gaia creating this New Grid of New Energies.

It is now the time to take personal responsibility for your vibration and at the same time, personal joy in this responsibility. In the past, responsibility was a heavy burden and those who carried it were suffering. The whole characteristic of responsibility has changed. The responsibility of creating this new vibrational level is bringing all of you much joy. You are seeing how your work is combined and unified in oneness and holiness. At the same time, you clearly see your own participation. It's like your soul's desires are finally being realized.

By agreeing to carry this new responsibility, you are bringing joy to yourselves and everyone else, knowing they have an opportunity to join this higher power Creator/Source who is your universe co-creating with you.

Embrace the joy of being involved in this work.

Hugs and Love to all of you,