Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Peripheral Vision

You will now receive more information through your peripheral vision because many events happening multidimensionally cannot be seen by your physical eyes which look directly forward. By using your peripheral vision, you can see what is taking place multidimensionally.

This new sense is a combination of your peripheral vision and hearing. The waves emitted by this kind of vision are somewhere in between vision and hearing due to the closeness to your ears. This way, you will get a much wider spectrum of information, through the sound waves and the light waves at the same time.

In many of your videos, this kind of vision assumes a reflective, prolonging, and echoing process. In other words, the information coming in due to the activity between the eye and ears will be reflected and echoed within you.

Start noticing this by creating with intention these new additional senses that will not be physically present but energetically available to you. As soon as you begin to concentrate on the peripheral vision, you will activate this tool. By using your peripheral vision and hearing, you can extend your physical body into your energetic body and create your own energetic tool.

Children use this tool to see fairies and you can also use this tool to see Auras.

Hugs and Love to all of you,