Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

October 2022

The energies coming in during October will facilitate the collapse of the old structures. The structures that no longer serve your highest good moving forward must collapse for new structures that support and facilitate your growth to come in.

Make sure you are secure in the places that you live. Have a supply of food, water and cash on hand to sustain you for a couple weeks time.

Stay in contact with those you love. Make sure they know that they can contact you if they feel the need. Stay away from fear, concern, worry and all the negative feelings about what is happening because what is happening has been planned and has been planned by you too. You are a part of this picture you are a part of this plan. Why is it happening? You wanted it to happen, you desired it to happen and now it is finally happening.

Because Gaia is changing her grids and realigning herself, many devices, systems and electronics will be affected and will behave weirdly. One of Mom’s apps went offline for five days.

Don't worry. Don’t stress about finding a solution, just know this is part of the process. It will be a gradual attunement of the devices you will be buying, repairing, or restoring. The moment they are off the network, that is when the attunement will happen. Turn off your phone when it is not being used. Power down your computer and turn off other system when they are not being used. This will allow the devices to be attuned while they are off the old grid.

Keep your place of living highly energized. Do it with whatever techniques work for you ie meditations, exercises, the use of the Magic Cube, my Sacred Geometric forms, apps etc. This will allow the Light forces to identify you and to connect you to Gaia's grid. The higher you keep your energies right now, including the place where you live, the easier it will be for support to be delivered to you.

Hugs and love to all of you,