Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Next Shift

Hello Soul Family!

You are on the verge of another shift. This one will be smaller then the last but very significant in what will follow. It will be the start of the purge of that which is no longer needed. Darkness will dissipate and the Light will shine brighter. You will notice this shift in the way you feel. It will open up many things for you and many others. Opportunities will present themselves and productivity will start ramping up for those who have been in preparation mode.

The speed of the flow will depend on the speed of everybody working in this flow. Depending on the type of work you are doing and where you are your speed can be faster or slower than the general flow and this is okay. If you are slow, some info needs to be absorbed. If you are going too fast, it can feel lonely or out of space and time. That is okay because you are creating these realities just by being there.

Life will be very different, with these changes, very joyous, very rewarding. Every day will be like a breath of fresh air with new opportunities and much to explore. All will be accepted, appreciated and will find their gifts and callings. Change will be transformational and unimaginable for the 3D mind.

Keep doing your homework. Watch for some new additions to my Healing Thru Fractal Videos that will complement the Strengthen Your Immunity video. They will be called Virtual Vitamins and Virtual Minerals. More like this will follow. The days of buying supplements are about to fade away.

I love you all,