Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

New Way of Living

You must become aware of the energy that is coming through you. Whatever you are doing with your hands now is orchestrating all this energy, matter, and space around you. Realize that you have shifted from being an object of influence in the past to an observer, and now you are the active creator. This is a big shift, change for you.

You create with love and tenderness as if you have 2 butterflies on your hands. Use your hands feeling love and tenderness for everything that is connected or touched or linked to you, your work, and your presence. This is another new feeling. In the past, people were redirecting rivers by building dams, blasting the mountains, cutting down the trees etc.

You have love for creation. This is the only force that will go forward. There will be no destruction anymore. Everything that is destructive will be left behind. You must learn how to become this loving tender energy and how to live with it, manifest it, and create with it.

The way of living as humans is changing. With all that is going on, you may not notice it. It’s very similar to a tiny blade of grass that is coming up through the soil in the darkness, moving through the old grass and leaves, finally starting to reach the sun’s rays. This is what is happening. You have enough strength to do this. You don't have to worry about the soil and leaves around you.

This creative force that is going thorough you into this world is really what matters the most. When you keep the image of this new strong power, the power of life that you are becoming, you can do anything.

In the past, power was brutal, aggressive, and destructive. Now the feeling that you are bringing into your life and spreading around you is the power of tender love, totally accepting, fully understanding, allowing, seeing things for what they are and including everything that wants to be included. This is the most powerful feeling.

Hugs and Love to all of you,