Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

New Moon, January 24, 2020

This New Moon is a clear universal geometric progression. It provides an opening for you to go very far and very fast with the least amount of energy.

The opening will happen through the Central Sun and is connected to the Solar System, going through the Milky Way and the Universe. The energies you will be exposed to will support your efforts and initiate any other work that is tuned to this New Moon's activities in your body, in the body of the waters, Mother Gaia and the Solar System as a whole.

Your connection and relationship to each other, all the parts of your body and Mother Gaia will become clear as well as the relationship between the whole of humanity and Mother Gaia, Planet Earth, the Great Central Sun, the Solar System and the Central Sun.

This New Moon will reboot of the all the Planetary Systems, all the solar systems and the akashic records that reflect this.

The moon glow that many people are starting to see in a different way, is the evidence of the recognition of the New Energies that are revealing themselves on atomic and nuclear levels. We will be able to start working with the new Energetic Fields very soon.

I love & appreciate ALL of you,