Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Moving Out of Lion's Gate

Getting out of the Lion's Gate you will be catapulted into the new energies. This released all unnecessary loads from your energetic bodies, so you are very pure in your energetic bodies. With this energy that you received and accumulated during the Lion's Gate, you are going forward even faster than before as well as higher and more multidimensional.

Our activity is reaching all the other people who are communicating with us in all the spheres of life. It doesn't matter if you go with someone in the same car, or go to the same restaurant, farmers market or post office, wherever you go you are leaving sparkles of life. The bodies of people you are contacting are ready to accept and the sparkles of life have already started their work.

These fire sparkles are being sent from the new reality that you are transmitting to others. You are actively charging everybody’s energy who are in your energetic path. Some will accept it and start to modify their bodies according to God's sparkle. Some won't and they become like black holes in outer space.
They made their choice. They don't want this gift. The moment they throw it away, they are crossed out.

There is no middle anymore. It is either light or dark. Understand this. Make choices and help those who are ready to go forward. Pray and empathize with those who decided to leave. There will be no more time for fence sitting. There is no more waiting gap, it is either light or dark.

Those who are in the Light will go forward as a very strong, very fast, shiny group.

Hugs and love to all of you,