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Middle East Feta Cheese Recipe

16 oz pkg SHEEP'S milk Feta cheese chopped in small cubes (cows' milk cheese may be substituted but it is not as sweet and creamy)
½ cup org. extra virgin olive oil
3 oz chopped spicy green olives
1 oz chopped roasted red peppers (in a jar)
1 sprig fresh oregano OR ½ tsp dried oregano
1 sprig fresh thyme OR ½ tsp dried thyme

In a bowl mix the cheese, olives, red peppers, oregano and thyme gently but thoroughly. Pour the olive oil over the ingredients. Refrigerate in a closed container until ready to use.

Can be stored up to 2 weeks. The salt in the cheese and the olive oil act as preservatives. This can be added to salads or eaten with bread or raw veggies.

If you are eating broccoli or cauliflower be sure to lightly steam them first so their properties don't lower your thyroid.


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