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Mercury Retrograde

Hello Soul Family!

Is Mercury in retrograde again??? Oh yes, it will be shortly! You may believe that you are in for a time of miscommunication, technological glitches, arguments, lost friendships etc. That is only one aspect of Mercury in retrograde.

The vibration of Mercury is speed including mental agility even though it is the smallest Planet in the solar system. Its Cosmic Mission is Communication: phones, texts, emails, anything in writing. In Roman times, Mercury aka Hermes was called "The Messenger".

On July 26th, Mercury will begin its Retrograde Journey in the fire sign of Leo that lasts until August 19th. When Mercury is in the sign of Leo, our communication becomes bigger, bolder, and brighter with thoughts and words more expressive, and colorful. Our true thoughts flow effortlessly. This is the perfect opportunity to bring out our creative self. Start that project that has been on the drawing board forever. Re-connect with lagging relationships that are healthy. Expand mentally, think outside of the box.

Remember, the power is in your hands. Mercury in retrograde can be a positive or negative, it's up to you.

I love you all,