Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

May 2020

May is the month of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Kwan Yin. It is a time of manifestation of the feminine energy in its most beautiful, attractive, appealing and powerful way.

May is about bringing the Golden Energy of the feminine into everything that you are doing. Visualize this golden light coming out of your energetic bodies, your hands, your smile and your heart. This will amplify everything that you are doing. Seed this golden energy into every aspect of your life including people, things, nature, animals, living objects, space other energies directly or remotely.

Soften or mother all the vibrations that are around you. Invite everything to come into balance through a harmonic state bringing this energy into everything you do, think and create.

Become your own baby. Nurturing yourselves and others as your own infant and as children of Creator/Source. Bring this energy to everybody crossing your path during this month.

Take this very powerful step to manifest Goddess energy worldwide. You agreed and volunteered to do this. By asking, expecting and calling for this, you have finally brought it about. It is important to add consciousness to this love and nourishment. Understand that it is a big part of Gaia's plan evolving and unfolding in the 3D world, brought through from the higher dimensions.

I Love You ALL!