Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Loving Energy

During the recent DNA Activation Stargate, you passed through a period of turbulence and compressed energetic downloads. Now, a very loving, very compassionate, very balanced energy is coming to all of humanity and Gaia to help you process everything that you have received. This will be like fabric on which you will be revealing everything that you downloaded and everything you processed.

This balanced, loving energy will give you an opportunity to prepare for the New Year and to release all the physical, emotional and mental blocks that showed up during the DNA Activation Stargate. This loving energy will go through all of you like an x-ray and wherever there is something that was compressed, condensed or not properly released this loving energy will release it in a very subtle or gentle way.

The Stargate helped us to determine what needs to go. If you didn't experience a total release, this cleansing energy will help you. It is like a tropical rain where you don't actually feel the drops, you feel the flow of water all over you. You are going through a flow of purifying water. It is going through you layer by layer, cell by cell, through all your bodies including the mental, physical, emotional and astral ones.

To all who read this message, I will be sending you unconditional love from my heart. In return, I will be receiving love from all of you. This will be an energetic exchange that you will celebrate this coming Christmas. We will be united and feel like a real family.

Hugs and love to all of you,