Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Live Your Life In Full Light

You are uniting the multidimensional part of you that was separated from your life experience in 3D. Not only was it cut off, it was twisted and rotated. Now you are embracing it as one life experience, as one life Flow.

Many people still don't realize what is happening. But they are feeling that they are much more than just their physical being more than their 3D life.

You who are more conscious can not only see the process happening but realize that your understanding of the process is helping others to recognize and accept what is going on. This process is progressing very naturally because these two parts have never been completely separated. They were still in contact with each other but were rotated or turned away from each other.

Think of this as a ring that is cut in half. The bottom half is present in its natural position in the 3D world. The top half, the multidimensional part is turned upside down.

With all your efforts as Light Workers, you are moving this part back into place, putting the whole life experience back together as one. You are connecting your living experience as a human being together with your experience as a Light being.

Live your life in full Light!

Hugs and love to all of you,