Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Live Openly

Now all of your work is coming out of your head into your heart. Whatever you are creating is coming from the central sun into your sun through your crystalline plane directly into your hearts. This will be the biggest change after the Equinox on the 22nd of September. This is the total shift of your end chain of creation. Your end of creation will not be filtered or blocked anymore by your mental activity. It will be pure, and pulsating coming directly from your heart.

You will finally start hearing your own voice and your voice will become stronger and stronger because your voice will be backed by the vibrations and tune of your heart. You will be able to communicate with others around you through your heart activity, heart chakra opening and heart chakra work. Your heart chakra will be working in tune with Gaia and in tune with all the new energies that are coming to the world right now.

You will recognize each other by the work of your heart chakra, united and tuned together through your heart chakra. Many will feel as if you are in this world naked without any clothes or protection around you.

You don't need this protection anymore. That is the difference. Instead of losing your energy and trying to build, hide and code the messages, you can speak directly, openly and put all the energy into what you want to say and do in this world. You are finally stepping into the world where you can live openly. You can send direct messages from your heart. Use all your energy to direct these messages.

Visualize a big happy pulsating heart, in unison with Gaia and the whole galaxy. Beautiful! Finally, start living your life!

Hugs and love to all of you,