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Lions' Gate

August 8th is known as the Lions’ Gate which is all about alignment. Stay in alignment by relying on the strongest part of your being your Aura. Use your strength to stay in alignment.

What is the difference between preparing for an action and taking an action? When lions are hunting, they take a long time to prepare for the attack. This is how you need to prepare. Take time to get into balance and allow yourselves to be in the time and space to do this. Use all the support forces, all the groups and dimensions working with you to help you to create this alignment, this taking action.

In many ways, you are trying to be fair to everyone and everything that surrounds you. You sometimes totally forget to be fair to yourselves. The Lions’ Gate is about looking at yourself and allowing yourself to be in your full presence, fully balanced. Allow yourself to enjoy this new energy as much as you can rather than following the old patterns. When you allow yourself to be fully present that is when you are the most balanced.

Hugs and love to all of you,