Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Light Observer

The Light is coming from everywhere now. You are supported, guided, and infused with this Light, as it manifests from within you. You ARE the Light. You are speaking the words of Light. You are the manifestation of Light.

It is easy not to notice the Light by not paying attention to it. Intend and observe yourself. See the work of the Light coming through you.

You are supported individually as Light Beings and your group work is also supported in the Quantum Light Field. When you allow the Light to emanate through your heart, your work is amplified. Your work is spreading out, covering a bigger area of time, space, humanity and the space of creation that will allow everyone who wishes to start experiencing this Light.

Getting wound up in your 3D activity can cause you to be less aware of the Light. It is up to you to tune into it as often as you can whenever you can. When you are ready to observe it, the Light is always there for you. Find a creative way to get back to the Light. Make it simple and fun. Click your fingers, your tongue, move up and down on your toes, sing a note or tune. Choose anything that will help you to switch on the Light from within.

The more people that become Light observers, Light spreaders, and Light infusers the better it is for humanity and Gaia. This will increase the rate of vibration on Gaia.

Hugs and love to all of you,