Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Light Language

Hello Soul Family!

Light Language is Sacred Geometry produced by Vibration that contains the Divine Codes. It is Multidimensional, connecting you with your other dimensional Angels, Teachers, Masters, and Guides as well as the animal and plant kingdoms. It is also an Opener to your Path of Ascension.

Light Language can be experienced in your dreams where you speak in unknown Earthly and non-Earthly dialects, hear whale or other animal sounds, various tones or songs. Light Language also comes through hearing, visuals, feelings or knowings.

If you have had a Kundalini awakening, received a Reiki attunement, some form of shamanic healing or are a healer yourself, the frequencies of Light Language help with Spiritual Activation, shifts in Consciousness, Healing, Manifestation, Focusing Energy, interdimensional Travel and Restructuring the Light Body.

I love you all,