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Life Partner

Hello Soul Family!

Many people ask if they will meet their Life Partner.  Another common question often asked “Is he or she my Life Partner?”

Life Partners are those with whom we have lived many lifetimes and there is a bond between us. Sometimes we have karmic contracts to fulfill with them.

In order to attract your Life Partner you have to be in your passion. This means that you have to be living your life doing what gives you the most Joy, then you will attract a partner that is in their passion. Equality between Vibrational rates is very important. If you want to marry a banker don’t hang out with doctors. (smile)

Someone can be your Life Partner but there is no guarantee that the relationship will continue to the end of your lives. Life Partners can have short or long term contracts. Enjoy the relationship for however long it lasts and let it go with a blessing.

Remember the more you release, the more you receive.

I love you all,