Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Leap to Your Goal

You are experiencing the new characteristics of energy that you have stepped into when you moved through the eclipse gateway on May 16th. The energy that is working with you now is very determined, very specific and aimed toward a particular goal. Every goal is like a spike of this energy moving very fast and at the same time giving a lot of opportunity and energy to achieve the goal. It is bringing in situations for people to come together in synchronicity.

Now, you can actually jump from the starting point to the end point. You can leap and be there. Do not be afraid of dreaming about this, visualizing it and being a part of this leap. You still have a linear consciousness that tells you to do things step by step and go in a straight line. With the energy that is coming in now, everything has changed. You can immediately get from the place where you are by using your intention and arriving at the place you want to be. This is where the result of your goal is or the fruit of your labor and creativity.

Now you have the ability to jump timelines, like a group of kids who jump from one cloud and instantly appear on another cloud.

Hugs and love to all of you,