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Lemurian Activation Code

By watching this video, you can Activate up to 48 of your DNA strands. This will result in Youthing by accelerating the Human Stem Cells and your Mitochondria.

This Energetic video will also awaken Past Life Memory, allowing you to Ascend while by-passing the death process. This depends on your belief systems, your consciousness, and your intentions.

Experience Grandma Chandra’s potent Energy, High Vibrational Codes and Other Dimensional Frequencies that are embedded in all of her powerful Videos. Gma's videos make changes at the Cellular Level.

Each time you watch the video it is encoded for you personally. As you evolve by working with the video Gma will continually upgrade the codes and frequencies within the video to continue to accelerate your ascension.

How to use this Video

Watch this video daily for at least 11 seconds for a minimum of 33 days.

Check In With Gma

Contact Gma at once you have played the video for at least 33 days.

Please use “Do I have Any Homework?” in the subject line. In the body of the email include the title of the video. Grandma will let you know if you need to continue watching or if you have reached your goal of activating 48 strands of your DNA.