Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Jagged-y Energy

Hello Soul Family!

This is a difficult time for us all. The Energetics are quite shattering jagged-y and highly challenging. You are etherically entering Tunnels and Portals routinely, yet still only feeling peeks and hints of momentary awareness of this. This Enlarged Consciousness is expanding you in all directions across space and time as you continue to Integrate and Link together more dimensions with your Higher Selves.

This an exponentially expanding complexity. In addition, you are being bombarded with the third dimensional revelations and information on the long-standing practices of the Earth's dark energy structures with their controllers. To add fuel to the pyre, you are working through your own remaining Shadow Aspects. This creates a trifecta of challenges to live and grow through.

Now is the time to love your growing Child of God Self and take the time to nurture yourselves multiple times a day. Do know that all those around you are equally challenged at this time whether they are aware of the Multidimensional Aspects of this or not. Sharpness and short fuses abound. Use extreme self care to help you feel the Love Resonance and Gentle Nurturing of the subtle energies that will be available to you when you find your way back to the Expanded Stillness within your Heart Center.

I love you all,