Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Increase Your Brain Power

Hello Soul Family!

The Higher Energies of the New Earth have resulted in opening of the Brain Stem to allow you to access more of your brain's capacity.

As you ascend to Higher Dimensions and absorb more of the Higher Frequencies coming into the New Earth, you will progressively be able to access more of your brain capacity until you eventually reach 100%. Until now, you have only used about 10% of your brain.

The Gifts and Knowledge you have from every single lifetime whether it was on Planet Earth or on another planet or galaxy are stored within the brain cells.

What can you do to enhance your own brain power?

Start each day by using my App Ascension Assist, all 3 modules. This takes about 10 minutes and will clear your energy field, focus your brain (for a more flowing & productive day), and enhance your Light holding capacity. All three modules when played in sequence help boost your brain capacity.

Be more Conscious with each segment of your day, by choosing what you desire to create.

Choose to create openness throughout your day for greater knowledge and wisdom to bubble up into your Consciousness. By being in a Dolphin mode of fun and play, you can more easily access your imagination for enriched ideas and solutions.

I love you all,