Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Horizon of Potential

What is happening now is that your lifetime that you were living before is now intersected by a new potential. You can move this potential along your timeline, increasing the qualities of your timeline as you go.

What you experience in your 3D being is only this tiny slice of life. The whole picture is much bigger. Even though you cannot see what is going on because you are right in the middle of the situation. Since you are going in the right direction, carrying the correct frequencies and because you are guided by this potential horizon, the possibilities to change your reality, to adapt and manifest your realities is so big.

This is why you may feel more calm, centered, grounded, and joyful.

Help yourself by looking back because you can't see forward. If you have a diary and you check your notes, this will allow you to understand your growth and project what you will experience going forward. You won't be able to project with full accuracy, but you will be able to see the tendency, direction, beams and/or Light that you are attracted to.

Recognize the Light available to you so that you can absorb the Light to raise your vibration. This is where the sense of calmness comes in. It is like being able to use a dial to turn up your frequency, your own beacon of Light to its maximum potential at any given time.

Switch on your intuition which is your highest guidance. It is another tool that can help you now because it is coming from your Higher Self and your support group and it is your intuition. You can access this when you go into the peace and quiet of your own heart. Then the guiding voice is heard more clearly.

You will be experimenting with the intuitive field during the 10 days from January 20th to 29th which contain the frequencies of the Master Number 222. During these triple 222 ten days, you will understand how to listen to this guiding voice or intuition. Access it by using your intention. This training process is laid out for you during these 10 days.

It is important for you to keep your vibration at a very high level, the highest that you can. The higher your vibration, the easier it is to move this horizon of potential to the highest it can go. This is the key to everything.

Hugs and love to all of you,