Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Heavenly Kingdom

November 12 to 21 is a valley between two peaks, like the alpine mountains. November 12th is a peak and November 21st is a peak and there is a beautiful valley in between where everything is blooming, lavish and in harmony with Nature, the weather and the animals. This is like a heavenly kingdom.

During these days, you will be able to harmonize everything inside of you that needs to be harmonized with everything outside. You are reconnecting at a different level with all the beauty of creation and with all the beauty of the Creator. You are bringing it into your life, servicing it and appreciating it. You are getting into this positive exchange of energies that is creating love and energy just by its existence and by appreciating what is around you.

This is a time to observe the big picture from above while at the same time you can look at every element separately. It is like the ability to be multidimensional when you look from above at the creation itself. At the same time, you can be a creator of the little parts and particles of the big picture. It is a very unusual situation for you to simultaneously be a creator and also to look at your own creation. This is where you are going and how you will be living your life.

While reconnecting with nature and all the kingdoms, you are reconnecting with your teachers and guides. That is also the beauty of this relationship and the beauty in this restoration of energy, communication, teaching and learning which brings joy and fulfillment to both sides. It is a great pleasure for a teacher to see the student getting it. It is a joyful achievement when the student can say,” I got it, I'm there, I've done it!”

This is a period of beautiful relationships on every possible level of creation.

Hugs and love to all of you,