Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Galactic Beings

The work we are doing now is a like a star. The points of the star are getting into the dark areas. Together with those who are joining us, the points of the stars and their rays are being multiplied. They are becoming longer, wider and there are more of them. As a result, we are expanding Light into more of the space around us. What you need to understand is that that what surrounds your rays is still dark.

Your job is to work together, support each other and keep yourselves in the best vibration you can as you walk your Truth. On the side of every ray you are creating little bubbles, little multi universes or multidimensional spaces. This allows all the other-dimensional beings that are working with you to come in and support you, guide you and to bring in their truth with you and through you. Through this experience they are learning what is the best way to help support you. They are bringing their energy and knowledge quickly and harmoniously the best way they know to support us.

I love you All,