Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Gaia's Support

Gaia is now sending you her support through the vibration of sound. She is creating that which is going all over her surface. You can call it vibrations but in reality, it is very high vibrational sounds that have multidimensional characteristics, so you can receive them mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This helps you to see the Truth on multidimensional levels through the vibrations that Gaia is sending us.

Gaia is putting this vibrational tone background behind everything. With this background, you can actually see if something you are receiving is vibrating in unison with Gaia's tones. If it is, then the vibration is real. If the vibration drops off or is in discord with the vibrations of Gaia, then it is fake.

This is the kind of support that Gaia is giving to you this month. Now you have the capacity to utilize this skill. You are actually working together with Gaia who is giving you all the necessary tools to be the Truth and to see the Truth.

Hugs and love to all of you,