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Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse January 10, 2020

The first Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse of the new decade will usher in energies that will balance the masculine, feminine and New Earth.

The male and female energies will be spiraling in opposite directions, balancing each other. These energies are actively working with the magma in the core of the earth. The work we are doing is deeply supported from the inside. This is why we are talking about cleansing because the cleansing is happening within the magma of the earth.

These powerful cleansing energies and vibrations will be helping everyone who is ready to release. What you no longer need will be absorbed into the magma of the Earth where it will be expelled by the earth's core. This is a balanced process between the beings of the earth and the planet itself.

We will feel more connected to the earth and at the same time more open because this cleansing will allow us to expand our ability to receive and as a result, we will expand our openness.

The vibrations will be moving in waves up and down. Don't be afraid of this. You may notice changes in your emotions, energy and within your body. This is a natural process much like breathing in and breathing out. Acknowledge the process and it will naturally, peacefully pass through bringing you to a higher level and aligning you with your soul's path.

January 11th, 2020 contains the triple master number 111. The 111 represents the Feminine Principle. You are stepping into the new waves & new energies of Creation that are Feminine. You are moving into a new relationship between the Creator and Creation. You are co-creating together.

January 12th, 2020 contains the triple master number 222. The 222 represents the Masculine Principle. You are stepping out of duality and widening your world to embrace Multidimensionality. You are increasing your potential and strength in every aspect of your being.

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I love & appreciate ALL of you,