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Full Moon August 22

The full moon August 22nd, 2021 is a quadruple master number 2. Intense energy will be coming into Gaia on this day. This energy will prepare Gaia's transition into the triple 2 year of 2022. It is like preparing a buffer and a trampoline at the same time. A buffer so the transition will go smoothly and a trampoline because the transition will go very quickly.

This day should be a day of pure intention, pure love and pure vision because of the rapidity and intensity of this high energetic onslaught. If there are any obstacles in its way, then the energy will not be received by people in its pure state but in an encumbered way. You have to prepare yourself for this day with pure food, pure water, lots of self-love and love for those around you and for Gaia. You can do this through ceremonies, being in nature, or being with those you love. To receive these energies, you must prepare yourselves.

Allow your body to absorb this energy. Allow your body to be in water, close to water, with water, a bath, shower, ocean, lake, or river. Allow your body to rest if you can. Take a nap during the day or just stay outside with your eyes closed so your physical vision will not distract you from the energies that will be coming through you. Participate in a beautiful loving space. For example, organize your altar, work with your crystals, or do ceremonies with the trees or flowers. Everything beautiful that accompanies this day will make it a magical time!

Hugs and love to all of you,