Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Fountain of Energy

All the energies are going from your lower chakras, flowing upwards exiting out of your crown chakra into the world, into the universe like a fountain. Finally, the energies that we have been waiting for are not only here, but they are pouring like a fountain through you.

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming. It can also be unexpected. Don't be surprised or overcome by it. Allow yourself to step out of your 3D activities. Find a quiet and safe spot for a few minutes. After the flow goes through you, you can get back to your regular 3D activities.

This is happening to all of you and each of you. Be ready to work with this energy. Be prepared to bring this energy to yourself and to the world.

This energy is very powerful. You will really feel it on a physical level. It is like a huge volcano, huge magma, huge wave or flow that is going through you. Because of the force of this energy, you will definitely experience it on the physical level.

Be aware of this. It is a new world, new energies, new you, coming through you. You are bringing yourself into this world, not only in 3D but multidimensionally.

Hugs and love to all of you,