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Fall Equinox 2020

The Fall Equinox arrives on Tuesday September 22, 2020. The purpose of this Equinox is to integrate your Shadow Self.

Because you have stepped into multidimensionality and have begun to work in 5D and higher dimensions, you can now integrate your Shadow Self. You were not able to do so before this because you didn't see the whole picture and you didn't have the tools. Now is the time.
This integration will be happening multidimensionally using the skills that you have already acquired during multiple processes.

One of the processes you will be using is similar to the process between the galaxies and the galaxies with the black holes. When you combine these two galaxies, the black holes disappear because the galaxy without a black hole absorbs the black whole galaxy. This is the process of integrating your Shadow Self.

Wherever there is unresolved or stuck energy met in your physical, mental and/or emotional bodies, the integration of the Shadow Self, will push unnecessary energies and/or excess energy out of your space using the inside out flow of Divine Energy that you yourselves are creating.

The process will be pretty interesting as it comes from two directions. One direction is Divine Energy coming from the New Earth, and the other from the Shadow Self. Because of this mutual correlation, new abilities, concepts or potential will be created. In other words, you will create yourselves on a larger scale multidimensionally than you were able to do before the Shadow Self was integrated.

All these processes will be like a swirling pool of energy. They will leave your space as an energetic spiral going back to Source to be reutilized. The swirling process will be a circular process, creating a new Electromagnetic Field that will bring your Wholeness and energy together.

This Fall Equinox moment was created by Gaia, in this particular time and space in your Universe, making it essential that we talk about this integration during the Fall Equinox. When Gaia is passing through this time and space, she is moving the Electromagnetic Field that is stored in her Energetic Field while you are releasing whatever you don't need anymore, in your energetic field. The energetic discs previously saving your now unnecessary records will now be dissolved.

The spirals that were mentioned above is how this disc of emotional information will be moving out of your Electromagnetic Field including your Auras and your DNA field.

Working with your Akashic Records will facilitate the moving out and in because they are energetically connected. If you are releasing one the other one will follow. Start from the understanding of your lessons of past lives or emotional past experience, and that will trigger the release in your Electromagnetic Field. My video Journey to Your Akashic Records would be helpful for this.

Hugs and love to all of you,