Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Expanding the Multidimensional Interwoven Network

Hello Soul Family!

In this amazing time of Gaia's and Humanity's Ascension, you are advancing your Collective Soul Mission project. Your Mission is the laying down of the initializing Codes and Frequencies into the newly formed creative dimensions surrounding the New Earth. These new dimensions expand and lift as your vibratory average increases.

The recent initiation and addition of cross linkages in between and across the various multidimensional layers makes them more accessible for your work collectively.

What is your work? You are bringing forth wisdom, ideas, benevolent healing technologies and other tools that will allow humanity to step forward by cleaning up your own blockages and limitations. And like the 100th monkey phenomenon, as you release yourself, you greatly increase the accessibility of these expanding dimensions for all of humanity.

I love you all,