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Energetic Shifts

Hello Soul Family!

The Spring Equinox will be another big step forward on the Ascension path. You are all adjusting to the Energies that came in over the weekend thru the 3:3:3 Gateway. They will assist you in integrating your Multidimensionality.

You are on the fast track now. With the reset of the DNA Master Program, Ascension is snowballing. You are all purging energies that no longer serve you. For some these energies are getting stuck as they are trying to release.

The energies moving forward are going to be intensifying and increasing leading up to the Equinox. Prior to March 20, you had the March 6th New Moon which also carries its own big Energetic Shifts.

Remember to breathe! Take in the Love the Universe is sending you, and expel doubt and fear. We are ALL Masters, Teachers and Guides to each other.

I love you all,