Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Energy Reflection

This is about communication and reflecting energy. This energy reflection is happening on different levels right now. Our moon is playing a much bigger part in all of it.

This is also about the position and the space between the moon, sun and earth. This becomes an active part of everything that is happening on the earth right now. It is like a vibrational zone that is visible to you.

You are noticing the energies and vibrations that are going through space instead of the vibrations that are going through hard matter. Going through hard matter is a much slower way. You are working at a much higher speed of vibration. That is where your focus should be.

Because of this work, the beam of Light coming from the Central Sun is transmitting through our sun and reflecting through the moon, giving you a whole picture. You see this direct Light transmission with additional colors, and vibrations that are transmitted through this beam of Light. This beam is being enriched and beautified by different colors and different energies that are emitted from it. There is much more to this beam because there are more messages coming with it and through it.

Hugs and love to all of you,