Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Energetic Awakening

The sap in the trees is rising like the Kundalini energy in your body. This is an awakening of all your bodies including the physical body that carries all your energetic bodies. This energetic awakening is happening not only through your fluids, such as the lymphatic system and blood, but on the DNA level. The DNA has been given an additional charge from the new vibrations coming from the Central Sun. Your DNA is responding to that by bringing you into this spring vibration of happiness, joy, creation, new life, reunion with Gaia and everything that is life including those who are co-creating with you.

You can already feel this call coming from within you. Feel this response. Your bodies and DNA are turning you to Nature. Your Quantum Field is talking to the new life that is being created, to the fresh grass, fresh flowers, sky and clouds. You are not only enjoying the beauty of nature as an observer, but you’re also enjoying looking at your own creation because finally you realize you are part of this co-creation, this awakening.

This is a mixed feeling of joy and pride because you have been dreaming about this time for so long and finally, you are living this life bringing to this life everything that will grow in these new energies. You will be fruitful and productive on Gaia through your work and your intention.

Live as if your lungs are full of air, full of oxygen. You are totally fit for the task you are going to do. You feel the joy of a sportsman who is ready for competition for which he has been indefinitely preparing. Now it is you who are standing at the starting line. That is how you all feel and that is how Gaia feels. The resonance now exists between you, Gaia, Nature and all the Kingdoms because you are now ready, you are on the frontline for this New Life!

Hugs and love to all of you,