Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Electromagnetic Quantum Field

In a coil we create induction. The current goes in different directions creating a magnetic field. A similar process is creating a Quantum Field on Gaia for humanity. This supports all of your new efforts to move your energy into multidimensionality. In other words, Gaia is creating through you and impregnating you. Gaia is physically passing through all your bodies even the energetic body. All your fields are initiating, igniting, and moving forward into multidimensionality.

More and more, you will live outside of the 3D rather than in it. Feel your expansion. Feel your other etheric bodies. Experience the communication between you on the etheric level. Recognize, register, and observe it.

Move forward in understanding, utilization and actually living in this multidimensional world. Those who are working with me are feeling the lightness from the higher frequencies that have recently arrived. You are ready to move higher, to move forward, and to Ascend. There is nothing grounding you in the 3D. You are open to this kind of Light, willing to be, live, and work there. Your intention drives this engine, or motor for this transition, and is supported by Gaia and by the galaxy as a whole because it is the right time and space for it.

Hugs and love to all of you,