Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Downloading Pearls of Wisdom

You are now at the point in time when the downloads that you have been receiving are opening up in your consciousness. You are touching layer by layer all that was compressed inside of you. The layers begin opening like a flower bringing to your consciousness the information that is necessary to do the work on the multidimensional levels. You also consciously understand how all the links of this work are connected.

With the time flow, planetary flow, and your ascension, you will come to the deepest and the most condensed energies that have been received by you in the past. Getting to the pearl of this wisdom, the very center of this wisdom is like going through the shell into the pearl itself. You will experience the most condensed Light that you have ever experienced through this download.

Your bodies are slowly reacting and absorbing this information. Train your body to be able to deal with the new frequencies, information and vibrations that are coming out of this download.

Right now, you cannot get to the very center but as your Light from within this central information is sending the rays through the download, you can feel them and start adjusting to them. To immediately get to the very center, will be too immense for you to comprehend. You must train yourselves to be ready to work with this Light in such a condensed form. This is to prevent you from being exposed to something you are not ready for, and at the same time, it’s tuning you in advance for its arrival.

Hugs & Love to all of you,