Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Crystal Skulls

Hello Soul Family,

On this special day, I want to honor my Canadian friend Pandora, one of my core group, together with her Crystal Skulls by sharing their recent journey that included a visit to us here in Arizona:

"We are completing a 3 week, 4000+ mile road trip today with our guardian Pandora. We love going on road trips with her as we are always in service where ever we travel. We started our journey on March 23, 2019 crossing the 'imaginary border' where Alberta Canada and Montana USA are joined. We traveled through the states of Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, California and Nevada. On our way down, we stopped at certain rivers both in Canada and the USA and worked with these waters of Gaia energizing them with love and high frequency crystalline energy. We covered both sides of the continental divide which means we connected to both the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Coming back home we crossed over the San Andreas Fault.

We then joined forces with our dragon friends and did work on the waters in Arctic Circle which included the ice bergs. When these Energies reached the Arctic Circle, they did a multi- dimensional clearing. Many old programs that were embedded in the icebergs were released thru past, present and future dimensions with crackling sounds emitted by the icebergs. This work will go on for some time as there are many energies held within the polarities that reflect the polarities in you.

We also picked up 2 new Crystal skulls to add to our tribe that were waiting for us in Sedona AZ. We were doing grid repairs and reconnections and activating areas all along our travels. We laid down a stream of Light where ever we traveled. We did a lot of work in the state of Arizona, where we spent the majority of our "time". We stayed with Grandma and Cat in Bisbee, AZ which is located 11 miles from the Mexican Border. Whilst there, we were working energetically with the "imaginary borders" of the 2 countries to allow for balance and harmony and Unity Consciousness which is tied to all the borders on the planet. We did this in addition to activating some new crystalline pathways with the connection and assistance of an etheric crystal skull that sits in the core of Gaia that is always with us when we are on our travels. We also did major work in Sedona, Phoenix and Tucson.

Today, as Pandora writes this message, we are near Salt Lake City UT. Last evening we started an Akashic clearing/balancing/harmonising for Gaia (which will continue through much of today) that covers all timelines/dimensions, past, present and future to allow all of us who live on her to move forward with love, joy, peace and gratitude for all our experiences which has got us to this NOW moment in "time". This work in the Akashic records will "tidy up multidimensionally" everything that is no longer of service as we can't take it with us. This will assist the ones ready to go through the re-birth energies that are on the planet.

We are so grateful to all the souls on the planet who assist in so many ways by being in service. We each play a unique part and each part is of equal importance to the whole. We are in a time of great change we all feel it in our own ways. We all energetically work together as one.

We are joyous that we completed all we set out to do on this trip. We are super excited for the next part of the journey for all of us."

I love you All,