Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!


The human mind thinks about creation as something that is so big it can never be experienced. With your growth and what you are doing, you are moving so fast that this perception is disappearing. Each of you is bringing a personal or individual experience into this multidimensionality and sharing with others. Your common human consciousness is growing rapidly and you are all tapping into this new perception of reality. You are receiving this information and growing so quickly that all your beliefs about the impossibility of achieving these goals are far behind you.

In a little drop of water you have the full characteristics of water as an element, an energy and as an information carrier. The same goes for every little activity, exercise, or ceremony that you are doing. Your individual procedures reflect the vastness of this energy and the universe. Embrace the little things. Don't think that you have to be out there all the time trying to understand what your Higher Self is doing. It is okay to do the little activities because these activities are a reflection of the big picture.

A few drops of water can bring a new plant to life by giving information to it about spring, sun growth and the seasons. The same with the small activities that you are doing on your Path. These new activities, initiations, videos, meetings or gatherings unfolds everything else that surrounds them. By doing these little steps, you are stepping into this huge multidimensional world that is tightly connected to all the energy work that you are doing, every intention of growth and every exercise procedure or ceremony that you are putting together on your path.

Share these little moments of presence and being because by sharing you actually overlap your experience, universe size, quantum fields and everything that is connected to this quantum field is being overlapped. As we know through quantum physics it is providing the creativity space out of which a new energy, new understanding, new growth, new activities and a new reality can be created.

Hugs and love to all of you,