Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Create in the Reality of Multidimensionality

Friday May 14, 2021 is a 555 day. There is a 5 in the month, the day, 4+1=5 and the year, 2+2+1=5. If you add all the numbers in the date together they equal six. Six represents creation. This is one of the most powerful days of changes. Triple five is like triple change, a powerful shift and the opening of opportunities.

You are changing the shape of the physical reality in which you are living. In this 555 period, which includes May 15 & 25, you are changing from a linear space and matter, to a spiral space. This spiraling movement creates vortexes of energy that go into a very efficient energetic Flow.

Instead of trying to put the events and the lifetimes you are living consecutively in a linear pattern, you are able to project your actions and your life through this spiral state. You are now much closer to the next turn of the spiral. You have this energetic magnetic induction between the events and you can bring them closer to you or create a longer gap between these events. Start learning how to operate within the coils of the spiral which are the time, the energy and synergy of the events.

Learn how to create in time and space in the reality of multidimensionality. You are also learning how to attract to your creative process the other spirals or the other energies that are working with you.

Stop thinking as humans. Start thinking as a part of the Universe as a creator of your own reality.

Hugs and love to all of you,