Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Connect to Your Star Family

Work with my tools, like my apps and the geometric forms I have already created for you. Now is the moment to start actively working with these tools because they are bringing not only the energy that is coming from the Central Sun to Gaia, but also from our Star Family. Each of you is unique and has a specific lineage. With your shapes and tools that I have created including videos and apps, you can get in close daily connection with your Star Sisters and Brothers. They are energizing everything that you are working with. They are sending their messages, energy and support through all available tools because for them your tools provide the ability to be present with us in 3D in a way that they couldn't have done before.

When you are working with your tools, apps, fractal videos and shapes be aware of the new energies coming from your Star Family. Accept them, recognize them and start implementing them into your 3D life as well as multidimensionally.

Your Heart Chakra will be a connection point to your Star family as well as the connection at the back of your neck (base of the skull) where a lot of energetic transmitters are reconnecting you to your Star family. You will be guided more and more by your Star family to use your 3rd Eye and the 3rd eye chakra. This will help you to focus on what is happening. It will help you to tune into the wave of transmissions that you will be using to communicate with your Star family. With this work your creativity chakra, the 2nd chakra from the bottom will become very active because you are in the time of creation and co-creation. Enslavement and suppression are being exposed to the Light and have nowhere to hide. Open your potential to be creators and co-creators of your own life, the life for those who we love and with whom we are connected on all levels including Star families and Gaia.

Hugs and love to all of you,