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Classes of Light Workers I

Hello Soul Family!

In this message I will introduce you to three of the nine classes of Light Workers. All Light Workers fall into one or more of the nine classes.

Grid Workers:
Grid Workers are responsible for maintaining the grids and gateways of the Earth. They seeded the Crystalline structure of the New Grid and continue to add new ley lines which increases the frequency and stability of the Earth's structure.

Frequency Workers:
These workers are engaged in keeping their frequencies high shifting the denser energies as they encounter them. They are constantly clearing themselves of dark forces. Frequency Workers are very sensitive to peoples' energies and the energetics of places and things.

Timeline Workers:
These workers believe we are all One. They are able to absolve family karma. Negative Entities are attracted to these individuals. Dark thoughts come into their minds that are not theirs. Meditation and my MP3 to clear Negative Entities are helpful tools to restore the mind to Self.

I love you all,